Our Diversity and Inclusion Commitment

To ensure that we attract, retain and develop the very best people to build a diverse and talented team recognising that every individual’s unique background, experience and ability collaborates and contributes to our future success. We want to create an inclusive and inspiring environment where individual’s feel valued and respected and where people can belong, thrive, achieve their full potential and be their very best, whoever they are.

We Create 

An inclusive environment where everyone is welcomed and valued and feel they belong.

We Recognise

That diversity of thought makes us more innovative, more competitive and more creative. 

We Promote

A team culture that’s open and transparent and where we treat everyone fairly and with respect. 

We Encourage 

A workspace where everyone can feel supported to be themselves whoever they are, so they can succeed and thrive to do the best work of their lives. 

We Ensure

Everyone is aware of and empowered to fulfil their personal responsibility to question discriminatory or inappropriate behaviours,

We Uphold

A commitment of zero tolerence towards unacceptable behaviour, harassment, discrimination, bullying or victimisation.

D&I Training Videos

Our Diversity and Inclusion video series which showcases our D&I commitments at NEXT and offers bitesize training for everyone at NEXT. 

Episode 04: An Introduction to Neurodiversity

Episode four of our D&I series brings us an introduction to neurodiversity at NEXT and how we support our neurodiverse colleagues. 

Episode 02: Diversity and Inclusion

In this video, we explore our Diversity Commitments and how you can play your part in achieving them!

Episode 01: Diversity and Inclusion

This is the start of our Diversity and Inclusion series showcasing our D&I commitments. In this video, we explore the importance of Diversity and Inclusion at NEXT.

Episode 03: Employee Led Communities

In this video, we focus on our Employee Led Communities, what they are, how they support you at NEXT and how you can get involved and become an ally.